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“Scary Dependents”

Kathy Bates is back! This time she’s starring in a new Turbo Tax commercial titled “Scary Dependents.” It is pure genius!


Kathy Bates cemented her acting career in a Stephen King adaptation. In Misery (1990), Ms. Bates played Annie Wilkes, who was prolific writer Paul Sheldon’s most committed fan. Sheldon, played by James Caan, sustained injuries in a car crash. Annie rescued him and remained his devoted caregiver, beginning the story of captivity and abuse. Her performance earned her an Oscar for Best Actress in Leading Role and a Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Motion Picture—Drama. She deserved both. Her name became synonymous for evil. Pure evil.


The Turbo Tax commercial, part of the “Relax There’s Turbo Tax” ad campaign reverses Ms. Bates’ role. After relocating, she now sits in a darkened house with creepy kids scaling the walls, sitting on the settee, and haunting her. Calmly, she sits by the fireplace and messages her professional tax expert. She inquires whether she can claim the kids as dependents. She cannot. However, she can claim her moving expenses. Ms. Bates deadpans that she will deduct for both moves.


The commercial is fantastic. It takes advantage of the immense popularity in the paranormal. Watch the commercial here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gxYuHVDnL8o