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Opening Today: Cure for Wellness

One of this year’s anticipated films Cure for Wellness opened in US theaters today. A young Wall Street employee (played by Dane DeHaan) is sent to a “mysterious wellness center” to fetch the missing company CEO (Harry Groener). Seems simple enough. However, this $40 million epic production clocks in at 2 hours and 26 minutes. That’s nearly 30 minutes longer than most motion pictures. Judging by the mixed reviews, it may be too long to endure.


Filmed in 5 months, the movie features the picturesque Castle Hohenzollern located in Germany. Director Gore Verbinski is known for epics and box-office blunders. Depending on the review, he may have scored both. The New York Times calls it a “riot of film references. With eels.” Deadline.com claims it to be an “overloooooooong saga.” Seriously. They had all those Os. Finally, Vox offers “The 5 Stages of Watching…” stating that it is a “thoroughly distracting film.” Time will tell—say like Tuesday—if it’s worth the ticket price.


Rated R for adult content, graphic scenes, nudity, and an overabundance of eels.