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Dead Files Confronts a Psychic Vampire

Amy Allan returned to Florida in Season 8, Episode 10 show titled “It Feeds—Santa Rosa Beach, Florida.” The husband contacted the shows’ producers claiming that he and his family were encountering some strange occurrences. Little did they know, they were in the presence of a psychic vampire.

Spoiler Alert! The following blog discusses some of Amy’s conclusions from the episode.

The new episode revolved around a family whose daughter experienced scratches and the son was possibly bitten. Surprisingly, it took the attack on the 18-year-old son for the father to reach out to Travel Channel’s popular paranormal show. At the “Reveal,” Amy addressed the mother stating that she was a psychic vampire.

Important Note: Psychic vampires are not the ones discussed by Internet conspiracy nutcase Alex Jones. Instead, they are people who physically and/or emotionally exhaust their family and friends. Psychic vampires (psy vamp for short) are also called energy vampires. It is a living person who drains, thus feeds off, the energy of another. The “vampire” sucks the life force from someone else. Often the vampire doesn’t realize she is actually draining the energy from another. A classic trait of the vampire is a self-focused individual who wants to be the focus of attention. She may be depressed, angry, and negative. She thrives on the chaos of constant drama.

In this case, Amy confronted the mother as the psychic vampire and recommended she seek psycho-therapy. The daughter was the unintended “victim” of the attacks. Here, Amy suggested the daughter pursue Reiki, a holistic healing technique from Japan. Time will tell, possibly on Dead Files Revisited, whether the treatments worked.