Season 2

Ghost Brothers Back on Destination America

Looking for new episodes from a paranormal series? Tune in to Destination America at 10 PM EST for new episodes of Ghost Brothers. Season 1 premiered on DA in 2016. Ratings were strong; therefore, it relocated to TLC (formerly known as The Learning Channel). However, it quickly returned to DA. The show follows three friends as they explore haunted locations. Season 1 locations were the typical over-exposed ones nearly every show explores. Unfortunately, Season 2 offers the same. Most of the locations are the ones from Ghost Adventurers. This is disappointing.

But it is summertime and the paranormal show offerings are slim. Check your local cable listings for Destination America. It is only available in certain markets. Certain episodes are also available by streaming directly from DA. Destination America has not committed to a third season. If you enjoy the show, start binging.