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Is Pet Sematary Getting a Reboot?

Talk has circulated since 2015 of a possible reboot to the cult-classic Pet Sematary (1989). The original generated $57 million in US ticket sales with another $26.4 million in rentals. It was profitable; however, some felt the adaptation of Stephen King’s novel lacked horror luster. Enter Juan Carlos Fresnadillo.

Fresnadillo co-wrote and directed 28 Days Later (2007), a horror/sci-fi hybrid. He was attached to the reboot in 2015 and remained with the project until 2017. Reports of character casting spread in 2016, with the hopes of getting “the best of the best.” However, IMDb.com does not even list a reboot/sequel/adaptation. Therefore, fans were on hold thinking that the project has been shelved … until last week.


Buzz about a reboot began last week. New Line Cinemas is releasing It (2017), another insanely popular Stephen King adaptation, on September 8th. Director Andrés (Andy) Muschietti is finalizing the first installment and is committed to the sequel, set to begin production in 2018. However, he has been dropping large hints—huge hints—that he would love to tackle Pet Sematary. His selling point: “We are true fans of [Stephen King’s] work.” Cross your fingers and your toes, Pet Sematary may get an upgrade. Stay tuned.