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Marthasville—Yeah, I’m a Screenwriter, too

My writing career has taken many paths. In addition to writing blogs and legal motions, I write screenplays. Actually, my undergraduate degree is in Cinematography, back when we hiked across campus with our Super 8 cameras and spent our evenings in the audio booth splicing double tracks hoping to God they aligned with the video, which was shipped to Seattle for development. The days before video cameras and smartphones and computer software editing programs. And way before screenwriting software. (I now see retro typewriters are having a revival) Screenwriting was placed on the back-burner as I focused on other pursuits and mixed media art. Now, it, too, is having a revival. I have partnered with playwright Duane Willoughby to write horror movies.

Our first screenplay is tentatively titled Marthasville. I combines what we know best: comedy (Duane) and the paranormal (me). A family is brutally murdered in the late 60s. The small Georgia town is torn apart. Fifty years later the secret is released onto the town.

That’s all I can divulge at the moment. Watch this space for updates.