Dragon Con App: New and Improved

Dragon Con released a new app. It’s easy to get. Simply go to www.dragoncon.org –> Connect –> Mobile App –> Type in your cellphone number –> Click on link that is texted to you.


If you already have the app, then it will update with the new features. Tonight I’m testing out the Friends. It’s a small learning curve. Select the 3 lined navigation icon in the upper left-hand side. This opens the Message Center. You can type in what you’re up to (Blogging about the improved app), locate friends & enter friend codes, and read alerts.


To add a friend, select 1) Enter a Friend Code (number you get from a friend); 2) Request Friend Code (number you give to a friend); or 3) Cancel. Currently, I have one friend. I hope to add more. SO, feel free to send me a friend code. See you all on Friday!