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It (2017) Slashes the Competition

Variety.com reports that It has had the 3rd highest domestic opening in 2017. Produced on an estimated budget of $35 million dollars, the movie raked in $117 million in the US, plus another $62 million abroad. It killed the competition.

Stephen King unleashed Pennywise on unsuspecting readers back in 1986 with his mammoth 1,300+ page turner It. The book spawned a mini-series but has been resurrected in a full-length motion picture. This has been one of the most highly anticipated movies that has taken several years to reach fruition. And it was worth the wait!

“Pennywise The Dancing Clown” cavorts deep within the belly of the town of Derry, Maine, feeding off the fears of children and teenagers. He entices kids with buoyant red balloons, promising “You’ll float, too.” Director Andy Muschietti delivers. It is every bit of scary as the novel—just in a different order. It should be screened in the movie theater so viewers may experience crowd reactions.

The film remains true to the basic premise of the story; however, scenes were updated to keep in line with the 80s. (The soundtrack is pretty rad, too.) The 2017 It is actually Chapter One. This R-rated, 135 minute movie introduces viewers to the cursed town of Derry, Maine, and the 7 teenagers who will tame the clown back into his hole. Spoiler: The movie jumps to 1988 as the starting point; whereas, the novel is set in the late 50s. Chapter Two will jump 27 years where these same teens are now successful adults summoned back to Derry for one last battle.

The sequel has been announced with Muschietti returning to direct. Bill Skarsġard’s performance as Pennywise was wickedly hair-raising. Start the petitions for him to reprise the role! Hopefully production begins soon so current audiences don’t have to wait 27 years to finally find out what drives It.