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5 Things to Know Before Viewing IT

  1. The story from the novel is basically the same. None of the main characters were morphed into composite ones. Yes, the screenwriters had to shed quite a bit from the book; however, the characters remain.
  2. The 7 kids in the Loser’s Club are 10 years old in the novel. In the movie, the kids are tweens verging on full teenhood.
  3. The novel is set in 1957-58 with the kids and 1984-85 as the adults. The movie has the kids in 1988-89. Chapter Two will have the adults in 2016-17, respectively.
  4. “Beep, beep, Richie” is used in both the novel and the movie. One of the boys, Richie Tozier, has a warped mind. He says inappropriate things. When he goes too far, the other kids say, “Beep, beep, Richie” for him to shut up.



Spoiler Ahead…

  1. Just like the novel, all 7 kids survive the initial confrontation with Pennywise.