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Binge Season 1 of The Exorcist (2016)

Season 2 of the critically acclaimed TV series The Exorcist started last week on FOX. Catch up on the first season now streaming on Hulu. Originally slated to be a full-length motion picture reboot of the classic 1973 film, the TV series is a continuation of the storyline.


Starring Alfonso Herrera as Father Tomas, a Chicago-born but Mexican-raised Catholic priest of a declining inner-city parish, and Ben Daniels, as the excommunicated former-Father Marcos who has a long career of exorcising demons, the 10-episode season 1 follows them as they attempt to assist Angela (played by Geena Davis) and Henry (played by Alan Ruck) Rance with their possessed daughter. However, the season is more than one storyline. It interweaves references to the 1973 award winning film, most notably the iconic song, “Tubular Bells,” which has a cameo.

Catch up on season 1 before watching season 2. It’s worth it.