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Stop Trashing the Woods!

Legitimate ghost hunters respect property. They leave the location cleaner than when they arrived. Unfortunately, amateur hunters aren’t as courteous. In 2013, the historic LeBeau Plantation in Old Arabi, Louisiana burned down when stoned adventurers trespassed onto the property. Since 2012, the Woodland Trust for Dering Wood in Smarden, Kent has spent nearly £50,000 in security and trash collection. Ghost hunters are ruining the semi-natural park.

Woods are popular locations for ghost hunting, and Dering Wood is one of the most famous in England. Dering Wood is also known as the “Screaming Woods.” Investigators claim to hear piercing screams day and night. It’s also a favorite for paranormal television shows. People like camping out in the forest; however, they are making a mess.

One way to ruin a paranormal location is by vandalizing it. The trust spends a lot of money on something they shouldn’t have to. Instead, they could re-invest the money into the property that was saved from development. The damage has been deemed “unsustainable.” If that truly is the case, then park management may take drastic measures to keep everyone out. That would ruin the woods for all.