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#4: The Blackcoat’s Daughter (2015)

Sometimes it’s all in the timing. The Blackcoat’s Daughter debuted March 31, 2017, two years after production ended. Oz (Osgood) Perkins wrote and directed this independent full-length feature film. Originally titled February, this movie is another exorcism, low-budget film worth viewing.

The all-female lead actors save this incredibly slow movie. Two boarding school girls are left at the school over the break. Not friends (played by Kiernan Shipka and Lucy Boynton), they battle their own evil. Enter Emma Roberts. She’s a drifter heading toward the Catholic prep school. The movie unfolds, or rather unfolding backwards. Multiple viewings are encouraged.

Film critics enjoyed the film. The Washington Post’s Michael O’Sullivan sums it up: “Although very little happens in the way of traditional horror-movie jump-scares, Blackcoat builds and builds toward a profoundly disquieting sense that something really bad is coming.”

If there was a genre of arthouse horror movies, this film would be the shining example. Rated R for bloody violence, the movie runs an hour and 33 minutes.