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Another #ParaScammer?

The paranormal community is exposing another possible fraud: Marc Tetlow, owner of Ideal Event Management.

Brad Klinge posted on the official Klinge Brothers website a warning to all in the paranormal community: Beware of Marc Tetlow. The article can be found here https://klingebros.com/beware. Brad and his brother, Barry, are famous for the paranormal TV series Ghost Lab. Along with The Everyday Paranormal team, the brothers attend and present at various paranormal conferences, called paracons. They’re well-respected in the community and are stand-up guys. And Brad does not mince words. He flat out calls out Marc Tetlow and urges anyone with ties to him to severe immediately.

Marc Tetlow runs Ideal Event Management, also known as Ideal Management Paranormal Events. Searching the Internet one would presume he has an extensive roster of talent. Some of the most well-known para-celebrities appear on his event posters. However, one cannot confirm since the company’s website is gone. So are his multiple social media accounts.

Brad’s article stems from the 7th Annual Paracon at Shooting Star Casino in Mahnomen, Minnesota. There seems to be growing contract dispute whereby the talent were not paid, while contract specifics were changed. This, unfortunately, is not the first instance of someone attempting to con the paranormal community.

I have written at length about other parascammers. I even coined the hashtag #ParaScammer highlighting the growing problem. As always, protect yourself when purchasing tickets to events. Double-check that the event is actually booked. Do a little bit of research and the companies involved. Stay vigilant and know the people to avoid.