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Pentagon Still Investigating U.F.O.s

This week the Pentagon confirmed that Congress funded researching extraterrestrials and unidentified flying objects (U.F.O.s) from 2007-2012 to the tune of $22 million per year. The U.S. government has always been interested in extraterrestrial life and began funding programs in 1952 with Project Blue Book. The program debunked most sightings; however, 701 cases remain unexplained. Despite media reports, the Pentagon is still investigating U.F.O.s.

Former Senator Harry Reid (D—Nevada) rekindled governmental funding for research in 2007 after talking about the possibility of alien life with former Senator and NASA astronaut John Glenn (D—Ohio). The Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program is a secret program chartered for researching and investigating supposed sightings. During 2007-2012, the program funded research at Bigelow Aerospace, where subcontractors researched U.F.O.s and “unidentified aerial phenomena.” Media reports that the government no longer funds research.

However, the program was not truly shuttered. The government still investigates credible sightings by service members. No worries from Senator Reid. He recently tweeted out: The truth is out there. Seriously.

Harry Reid Tweet