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Phoenix Family Claims Ghost Wreaking Havoc for Christmas

Rudy Calderon posted on December 24th, Christmas Eve, that he and his extended family were experiencing some interesting phenomena. It began with the “locked” kitchen drawers and cabinets opening in the morning. Coins from all over the world were spilled out. The Yiddish word for “danger” appeared in the shower. Finally, the toilets and bathtubs overflowed. Rudy took to Facebook for help. His posting leaves more questions than answers.

Rudy posts sporadically on Facebook. In 2017, he posted roughly 8 times on his public page. His posts are usually about his travels. According to media outlets, Rudy founded an affordable international travel company for college students to study abroad. He collects trinkets, specifically coins, from his travels. Rudy speaks at least two languages; however, he does not speak nor can he read Yiddish.

In one video, Rudy asked people via Facebook what the strange characters that were written onto the shower tiles spelled out. One person translated the word using Google Translate. He came up with a Yiddish word: “danger.” A reverse Google search does, in fact, come up with the spelling. For some odd reason, Rudy did not consider Google Translate as authentic. The young man continued to research and found an online Yiddish dictionary with the accurate, although older, spelling. Apparently, this rendition of the word is more modern.


In another video posting, Rudy stated that the family was leaving the word written in ash until someone blesses the house. He stopped posting comments on December 27th where he stated that they were still searching for someone to come bless the house. Few people suggested contacting a paranormal group to investigate. Rudy didn’t seem interested in that. He was looking for a quick, easy solution that would rid the family of these antics. Two weeks later and they still do not have any resolution.

In another posting, Rudy claimed that they set up a video camera to record through the night. It reportedly captured 6 hours of video. He hasn’t posted updates on whether the video camera picked up anything. Odds are it did not.

Most of the comments (actual comments and not merely tagging people) were supportive and offered good advice. Many had figured out how to translate the word. Most got the same meaning. Several encouraged him to reach out to a priest, rabbi, medium. No one asked why the kitchen drawers were locked at night.