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Paranormal News: February 5, 2018

ParaNews for February 5, 2018.

  • Winchester (2018) beat expectations debuting in 3rd place taking in $9.3 million this past Super Bowl weekend. “Older” women comprised 64% of ticket purchasers. The industry defines “older” as anyone over the age of 25. (Ouch!)


  • Prince, who died prematurely at age 57 from an accidental fentanyl poisoning in 2016, really did feel that holograms projecting dead musicians playing along with living artists were demonic. He proclaimed, “I am not a demon” in a 2008 interview in Guitar World. Reading between the lines may mean that Prince took holograms as rising from the dead and against his religious beliefs.


  • “We’re definitely not in Kentucky anymore.” Despite lackluster reviews, The Cloverfield Paradox, released immediately to Netflix last night as the Super Bowl game ended, was binged watched by a lot of people. Fans, critics, and those new to the Cloverfield franchise took the bait and logged in. Official numbers have not been reported; however, the 3rd installment was originally going to be released theatrically this April. Just because most (not all) panned the film, viewers should tune in. It ties the first 2 films together and leaves the door open to the 4th film.