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Exorcists Needed: Filling the Gap

According to the Catholic Church, nearly 500,000 cases of demonic possession are reported every year in Italy. It is easy to extrapolate that there are more people in need. There is a growing need for professionally trained exorcists, denominational and non-denominational included.

A few years ago, the Catholic Church’s Exorcist Benigno Palilla spoke on the Vatican Radio discussing the Church’s push to train more exorcists. These ordained male priests would train for a minimum of one week. Palilla warned of self-taught exorcists. Therefore, the Church authorized the formation of The International Association of Exorcists (IAE) in 2014. The organization has over 200 members working on 6 continents. Unfortunately, the Catholic Church only assists Catholics.

The International Catholic Association of Exorcists (ICAOE) supports ordained Catholic, Anglican, and Orthodox people who are firm in their beliefs and want to combat Satan. The organization formed in 2010. It, too, has over 200 members practicing on 6 continents. Founded by The Most Reverend David Biery, Th.D., the organization has helped over 38,000 people. They live by the motto: “all Catholics are NOT Roman, but all Romans are Catholics.”


Other non-Catholic denominations perform exorcisms. However, this is troublesome, as some feel that anyone can conduct an exorcism without any training. The two aforementioned organizations stress training. The Catholic Church is the One True Church of Jesus Christ. The Rite of Exorcism is uniquely Catholic. Other religions may perform exorcisms; however, they are not conducting the exorcism in the name of Jesus. Be cautious of any non-Catholic religion/church claiming to perform exorcisms in the name of Jesus but discount the role of the Catholic Church. They do not speak in the name of Jesus. They may cause more harm than good.


Exorcists do not need to be ordained in a religion. Satan works his evil on non-Catholics. Quite a few religions have their form of exorcisms. In fact, an exorcist may not be attached to any church. R.H. Stavis is a female non-denominational exorcist. Read the review of her book at https://thehauntedlibrarian.com/2018/02/13/sister-of-darkness-the-chronicles-of-a-modern-exorcist/. Stavis is an example of a Spiritual person who has been called to God’s work.

Exorcists seem to be everywhere in the media. The hit show Supernatural may encourage someone to take up arms. But they should not. Religious affiliation is not mandatory. Experience is.