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PosterL-R, T-B: Jason London, Sasha Jenson, Rory Cochrane, and Milla Jovovich.

4 Horror Movie Links with Iconic Dazed and Confused (1993)

The 1993 coming-of-age teen flick Dazed and Confused shows the last day of school in 1976. Set in Austin, Texas, the film was written and directed by Richard Linklater, who loosely based the film on his own high school experience. Initially a box office flop (filmed on a budget of $6.9 million yet earning less than $8 million in the US), the film has secured its spot in numerous top charts and is a cable TV staple. The film also boasts one of the best soundtracks; Paste Magazine ranks it #17 on the “Top 50 Best Movie Soundtrack” list. In addition, four of the actors in the large ensemble cast have links to horror movies.

  1. Sasha Jenson starred in two horror films before landing the role of “Don.” He appeared as “Teddy” in Ghoulies II (1988) and as “Brady” in Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers (1988).

Rory--SashaL-R: Rory Cochrane, Jason London, and Sasha Jenson.

  1. Christine Harnos, “Kaye,” appeared as “Rimmer” in Hellraiser: Bloodline (1996).
  2. Rory Cochrane played “Slater” in Dazed and Confused. His role of the goofy stoner boy required him to wear a hat wig since his hair was not that long. He played the clean-shaven father, “Alan Russell,” in the 2013 film Oculus.
  3. Milla Jovovich found great success in horror movies. She appears as the lead actress in the fantastically profitable Resident Evil franchise. Although her husband, Paul W. S. Anderson (the writer/creator of the franchise), claims she is finished starring in the RE movies, he expects her to take on roles behind the camera. In Dazed and Confused, she played “Michelle” and even wrote the song “The Alien Song” that her character plays.


Dazed and Confused is a seminal film that every film aficionado should view. The movie is rated R for mature audiences and runs one hour and 42 minutes.