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5 Things I Learned from The Nun

  1. Father Burke, played by Demián Bichir, is called a “Miracle Hunter,” not an exorcist. Watch the movie and decide if the correct title is used.


  1. The Carta Monastery in Romania, the named location in the film, was built by Benedictine monks around 1202-1206. At no point in time did it transfer into the hands of a sadistic Count.
  2. The Corvin Castle, where the movie was filmed, may have a checkered past; however, that past is nothing compared to the story relayed in the film. The Romanian Minister of Culture owns the castle.


  1. This addition to The Conjuring franchise focuses on the Catholic Church the most. That may explain the couple next to me who left. Using a religious relic from Christ may have been a bridge too far for some moviegoers.
  2. The movie opens claiming, incorrectly, that it is set in 1952 and based on a true story. Most Conjuring franchise fans know this is incorrect. However, there are still many moviegoers—and I mean a lot—who fall for this marketing ploy.