Photo by: Derek Brizendine

Snowstorm Goals 2019: Snow Nessie

Although it will barely break freezing tomorrow, the Atlanta area isn’t projected to get any measurable amount of snow in the coming weeks. That’s too bad since I’ve decided on my 2019 snowstorm goal: Snow Nessie.

A family in Warrensburg, Missouri, created a giant Loch Ness Monster (a.k.a. Nessie) with their recent snowfall. The “Snow Nessie” took 4 days to create and measures 6’ at her highest point. Creator Jessica Nicholson stated that inspiration came from the 2007 film The Water Horse. Snow Nessie is incredibly popular, as people stop to have their picture taken with her.

I’m fascinated in mysterious creatures that financially support towns. (See my articles on Mothman.) Further, Nessie holds a special place in my heart. Even after the 1934 “Surgeon’s Photograph” was deemed a hoax in 1994, hordes of people descend annually on Loch Ness in hopes of capturing an authentic photograph. Now that’s dedication.


Infamous “Surgeon’s Photograph”

Hopefully, one day I, too, will travel to Scotland in search of Nessie. In the meantime, I’ll have to build my own snow version—a very, very small version.