Exactly! We must demand better programming–or we switch the channel.

Cal-Para Paranormal Research Organization

We think we’ve reached our saturation point. There is a new paranormal TV show on the Travel Channel. The premise is that the general public submits clips of paranormal things caught on camera to the studio. While the viewers watch these clips, alleged ‘professionals of the field’ are edited in giving their opinion of what they think they’re seeing. Sprinkled in are explanations to help the viewers understand each scenario in which the film was captured, as well as some scientific theories or suggestions of possible natural cause comparisons. Our issue is that the show is edited in a fashion where we viewers at home could see a tomato on the screen, and then suddenly there are authorities – who have never seen, eaten, or cared about tomatoes – paid to give us their viewpoint.

When one covers the range of ‘paranormal’, it is recognized to include ghosts, Sasquatch, UFOs…

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