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Jordan Peele’s second film Us shattered box office expectations this weekend. Here are five things to know before you go see the movie. No worries: no spoilers are discussed.

  1. The film’s budget was $20 million, relatively low for full-length feature films. The film was expected to earn between $38-45 million in the U.S. Instead it brought in a cool $70 million. Global total is nearly $87 million.
  2. The film’s code name was “Deep Cuts.” Film canisters mailed to theaters contained this code name.
  3. The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk was used for a lot of the filming. Since it boasts numerous vintage arcade games and rides, the boardwalk was an ideal location. Dummies were used to represent people on the rides, and CGI graphics used to add people’s bodies. By the way, the boardwalk was the set for another horror film: The Lost Boys (1987).
  4. Look for the number sequence 11:11 as it appears throughout the film.
  5. Jordan Peele’s cameo is the voice of the fun house narrator.

Look for Us at your local cinema. With it’s strong opening weekend, it should be around for a few weeks. The movie is rated R and runs 1 hour and 56 minutes.