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Quirky New Mystery Show Debuts on Acorn

Queens of Mystery (2019) debuted on the British streaming service Acorn in April. The 3-episode series features three crime-writing sisters who assist their 28-year-old niece, D. S. Matilda Stone, solve murders in the fictional village of Wildemarsh. This quirky series is addictive and easy to binge.

Olivia Vinall stars as the newly minted Detective Sergeant Matilda Stone. Matilda’s mother disappeared when she was a child, and she was raised by her three aunts. Julie Graham (Shetland) is “Cat,” former rocker now graphic artist. Cat is the cool aunt, complete with stripped pants, tattoos, and Mallen streak in her hair. Siobhan Redmond (Unforgotten) is “Jane,” owner of the local mystery bookstore Murder Ink. She gives off the librarian feel. Finally, there’s Sarah Woodward (DCI Banks), who plays “Beth,” the atypical middle age aunt. Although the aunts seem like stereotypes, they’re not. They ground Matilda.

Each episode opens with a fairytale pop-up book animated sequence and is narrated by Juliet Stevenson. The show has a profound Pushing Daisies feel, as well as, Agatha Raisin. Fingers crossed there will be a second season.