Two nights before my panel presentations at Dragon Con 2019, I finished my mystery book. I’m a serial reader. I read before bed, between 1-2 AM. I prefer series; however, when the series runs dry, I start looking for my next new author. And I found her, and a few others who will be in separate blogs, book talking books at the Bard’s Tower bookstore in the AmericasMart Atlanta, or Mart for short. Corinne O’Flynn’s new Witch Island Mysteries series has me hooked, line and sinker.

Although I’ve always tried to identify new authors at Dragon Con, I rarely do. I feel rushed when shopping at the Mart. When there’s 80,000+ people attending, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. This year, however, I was determined to find one new author. I was blessed with 5.

Ask my daughter and husband, and they will agree. I talk to everyone. My dad never knew a stranger, and I take after him. While my daughter was scouting for items, I beelined over to the bookstore. My time was limited; I spoke fast.

The Con has megastars where attendees wait in line for hours to see. And the Con has a hoard of other professionals—namely authors and artists—who spend time chatting with attendees. One of the best things about Dragon Con is the accessibility to up-and-coming authors, actors, artists. Lisa Manifold, author of 25 books, started up a conversation.

She pitched me a couple of her “New Adult” (books for late teens and early twenty-somethings who have outgrown the Young Adult section) books. I purchased two for my daughter; both were autographed as her birthday gifts. Then came me. I’m a tough nut; crime and mysteries are my favorite genres. Since I was not at a crime and mystery conference, my odds for finding something interesting was low. When I ask Lisa to book talk one of Corinne’s books, Corinne interjects and tells me briefly what the book was about. I had no idea that either were the authors. How serendipitous was that!

I started Death Comes Ashore last night. After walking 23,000 steps and participating on 2 panels yesterday, I was tired. I’m 20 pages in and trying to wrap this entry up so I can get back to reading. The book has everything I’m looking for: not too in-depth with the fantasy, enough paranormal descriptions to be believable, and a solid crime scene, where I believe Corinne did her research. I’m fan-girling!

The former New Yorker turned Coloradan runs Rowan Tree Foundation, a non-profit whose mission is “support after the death of a child.” She’s a full-time writer, mother of four children, and tea addict. Lucky for me, her latest book was released on August 28th—just in time for the Con.

Find more information about Corinne here: https://www.corinneoflynn.com/