Early today, Derek Acorah’s wife Gwen posted a tribute on FaceBook stating her husband was dead. Born Derek Francis Jason Johnson in 1950, Acorah died after entering a septic coma caused by contracting pneumonia. His death closes a chapter on one of Britain’s controversial psychics.

Nearly 20 years ago, Acorah began using his psychic gifts for entertainment purposes. In 2001, he landed the role of lead medium in a new TV show titled Haunting Truths. The show’s name was changed to Most Haunted the following year. Acorah appeared for 6 series. He was ousted after claims of fakery emerged from some crew members. The members fed Acorah “facts” about some purported spirits. Two were named “Rik Eedles” and “Kreed Kafer.” The names were anagrams for Derek Lies and Derek Faker. Acoroh was swiftly removed from the show.

In the past year, Acorah faced new allegations of deception by contacting families of recently deceased people claiming to be able to speak with the decedents. This violated advertising standards.

Not withstanding the above, Acoroh will probably be remembered as hosting one of the worst TV shows in recent history. In 2009, Acoroh live broadcasted Michael Jackson: The Live Séance, where he attempted to make contact with MJ’s spirit. According to media outlets, it was a car crash of epic proportions in bad taste.

Acorah is survived by his second wife, Gwen, and their two children.