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Thirty-seven miles from Dubai sits a small experimental town that has been reclaimed by the elements. Known as “Ghost Village,” “Old Village,” or “Buried Village,” this abandoned hamlet holds many mysteries.

Built during the 1970-80s, the town was conceived as permanent housing for nomadic tribes. The UAE (United Arab Emirates founded on December 2, 1971) sought to built towns for the Bedouin or Bedu tribes. One such town was built outside of Al Madam.

The “Ghost Village” consists of two rows of houses and one mosque. The colorful interiors contrast with the inhospitable sandstorms that push sand dunes into the buildings. The town gave way to nature.

UAE government agencies have attempted to identify who lived in this town. Unfortunately, there aren’t many people left to explain how and when the people fled. It is believed that the Al Kutbi tribe resided here. But no one knows for sure.

Dark tourism tours have popularized the town. Talk of an evil djinn named Umm Duwais inhabiting the town and scaring tourists out are making the Internet rounds. According to Arabian legends, djinns can be good, neutral, or evil. Maybe this djinn is good and is merely telling tourists to be cautious when entering the desert.