The Victorian mansion known as Whispers Estate is for sale. Listed at $130,000, the home boasts 4 bedrooms and 2 1/5 bathrooms, totally 3,700 square feet. The Zillow site lists the status as “accepting backups.” Reputed to be haunted, the home has sketchy history.

Local lore claims that the former residents, Dr. John Asa and Jessie Ruth Gibbons, suffered great loss. The home’s website states that the couple adopted or orphaned several children with 2 dying tragically. The stories are unsubstantiated through local newspapers. It is questionable whether a 10-year-old girl named Rachael died in a fire or that a 10-month-old infant named Elizabeth died in the master bedroom.

What is know is that the house was struck by lightning in 1917, and a chimney came down from the damage. Mrs. Gibbons died of “broncho-pneumonia” (listed on her death certificate) on May 31, 1934. The home’s website claims she died of double pneumonia—possibly an error from inaccurate reporting.

Dr. Gibbons was hit by a car a couple months after his wife’s death, July 26, 1934. He died “from complications” on July 6, 1944.

The couple did foster one girl: Helen Marie. She died in 1994. Other than that, few of the claims on the website can be verified. However, the home shows well. If interested, search the home’s address, 714 West Warren Street, Mitchell, Indiana, for more information.