Art Bell’s Midnight in the Desert faces uncertainty as the new owner makes another change in hosting duties.

Arthur “Art” William Bell, III (1945-2018) gained fame for his paranormal radio show Coast to Coast AM, which began broadcasting in 1988. At its peak, the overnight radio show was carried on over 500 radio stations, with an average 15 million people tuning in. Art found his niche but retired in 2007. However, Art was not content. He started several other radio programs. The most notable is Midnight in the Desert, founded in 2015. Art would host the show for five months, ending his reign on December 11, 2015.

The show has gone through several hosts. Heather Wade initially hosted when Art left. Dave Schrader had a stronger run, May 2018-January 2020. He left to pursue new paranormal opportunities. Frequent fill-in host Tim Weisberg lasted less than 4 months. He and his producer, Michelle Freed, were released from their contracts last week. (Note: Tim has fast-tracked his new Internet radio show, The Midnight Society, which debuted Monday, April 6th. Listen nightly at Heather returned for a couple of days but was released from her duties on April 8th when the show announced Tim Ozman, a noted conspiracy theorist who believes the earth is flat, as the new host.

Reviews are mixed as to the viability of the new programming direction.