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As I enter Week 11 of self-imposed shelter-in-place protocol, I’ve found that my attention span has decreased and that I’m having difficulty focusing. I try to multi-task while watching television; however, I really need to cut that back. Fortunately, my friend Tim Weisberg and his group of radio producers started a new paranormal themed Internet radio station titled: Midnight.fm. The first show is The Midnight Society, a 3-hour weeknight talk show were Tim brings on various guests. The show runs Monday-Friday, 10 PM-1 AM. His team selects the most interesting guests that now I’ve stopped reading up on the guests and have faith that I will learn something from each episode. And I learn a lot!

And boy this week did not disappoint! Remember: the topics run the gamut of paranormal intrigue. Tuesday introduced me to Tobias Wayland, who is the lead writer for the Singular Fortean Society. I was skeptical of him because he started off talking about Mothman. (I have exhaustively researched Mothman. Sorry, he doesn’t exist.) However, Wayland used it as a springboard to more credible sightings. He was candid in describing sightings that had possible explanations. I respect that in a speaker. His one story was freaky weird, but I don’t want to spoil it for you.

Wednesday brought famed organized crime investigative journalist Dan E. Moldea. He talked Hoffa, Bobbie Kennedy, and OJ. He has one explosive scoop coming our way once COVID-19 plateaus and life begins in some new fashion. Wait for it. It is going to be HUGE!

Thursday addressed the legendary family feud with the surviving ancestors of Jesse James. While I enjoyed listening to the theories of siblings Dan and Teresa Duke, I wasn’t persuaded that Jesse James faked his death. However, you may decide differently. The show was still very interesting.

Tonight, Maja D’Aoust spoke about witchcraft and familiars. She included a great deal of history, especially Ecclesiastical misunderstandings, to discuss modern-day witches. In addition, she dispelled inaccuracies and falsehoods. Her approach was global and inclusive. Another great show.

Tim and his production staff have outdone themselves. The station is less than 2 months old, and listeners are already exposed to leading authors, artists, and speakers in these fascinating fields. The shows are taped live; however, they are also archived. There are several subscription options to enhance your audio experiences; however, you do not need to pay if you merely want to check it out. I highly suggest you do!

Listen:             Midnight.fm
Twitter:          @MNiteSociety