The new paranormal Internet radio station, Midnight.FM, has opened an online store. The first item for sale relates to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base housing extraterrestrials. The base spreads across two counties and adjoins several towns. One town is Fairborn, Ohio, location of several alien abduction stories.

The T-shirts come in Men and Women sizes, regular, soft, and heavy. The introductory price includes a special discount. The self-described T-shirt claims that Fairborn is “home to flying saucers, Men in Black, and out of this world multidimensional legends. Visit Weird Fairborn, Ohio.”

I’ve ordered my T-shirt, which is a huge deal because I rarely wear them; however, once we’re past the COVID pandemic, I will be taking a road trip to Ohio and visiting “Weird Fairborn.”

Click here to view: https://midnightfm.threadless.com/. Buttons are also available!