Psychic June Lundgren

There is a dark side to the paranormal. In this realm, demons tempt humans by any means necessary. Sometimes people unintentionally attract these demons; however, some actually seek them out. Once someone has an attachment, that person eventually needs the attachment removed. One person who conducts these negative removals is June Lundgren.

Demons are real. They stalk their victims and seek those who have wavering faith in God, whatever that means to a person. The demon’s ultimate goals are to inflict pain and suffering. How the demon realizes these goals is to attach himself to the victim. Ms. Lundgren spoke about her work on The Midnight Society with Tim Weisberg by stating: “Once you have an attachment, you’re screwed.”

Lundgren spoke of how demons travel in packs. Through her work, she may remove several attachments (starting with the weakest and building up to the powerful), advising people not to perform these removals on their own. She detailed how she watches how the demons act before she begins her work. June’s guardian archangel assisting her is Uriel.

The Four Archangels.

Archangel Uriel is a member of God’s Legion of Light, which includes Archangels Michael, Raphael, and Gabriel. These angels are channeled through various people called to perform God’s work by hunting demons. (Note: Most people do not seek out becoming demon hunters.) Lundgren described how these angels appear to her even stating that “Gabe” has a sense of humor, and Michael wears jeans.

Popular entertainment romanticizes alliances with demons and demon possessions. Unfortunately, someone afflicted with an attachment or a possession doesn’t realize that his story will not end as glamourous as portrayed in movies or on reality TV ghost hunting shows. In fact, attachments are serious and dangerous.

Lundgren highlighted several popular urban legend remedies that do not work. These include the use of crystals, sage, and crucifixes without the image of Jesus. Regarding sage, she says, “God forbid you sage!” What she means is that oftentimes sage exacerbates the situation. Leave it to the professionals. She discounts the use of brick dust and lines of salt. (Lines of salt work on earthbound spirits but not all demons.)

There are a couple of remedies that do work, such as wearing a Star of David or a crucifix with Jesus’ image. Holy water is also advisable.

Lundgren is affable and blunt. She cautions people to never provoke demons, shadow people, and negative earthbound spirits. She does not charge any fees and is available for remote removals. For more information, visit her website at http://www.ghostsandgirlsparanormal.com/ and https://mysticconnections.org/.

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