Halloween is more than candy. It’s decorating your space and celebrating our inner creative persona. If you’re looking for affordable and unique Halloween decorations that are easy to assemble, head over to the Crafty Scrapper Website, https://www.thecraftyscrapper.com/. This year, they have assembled an eclectic mix of creepy vignettes that will make our COVID-19 restricted favorite holiday a success.

Click here to see the Halloween selections: https://www.thecraftyscrapper.com/iishop?form_version=2&showSearchResults=1&search_keyword=halloween+kits&image=Search.

If Christmas is more your thing, visit: https://www.thecraftyscrapper.com/iishop?form_version=2&showSearchResults=1&search_keyword=christmas+kits&image=Search.

The kits range from paper projects to small sculptures. The bell jar vignette titled “Help We Are Trapped” (created by Melody Winston) has two children trapped inside an upside-down glass jar. Definitely a Zoom session conversation starter. The bug-eyed “Spooky Crow” by Carolyn Ross returns as a customer favorite. And who doesn’t need a tin containing spooky spells? We’ve been social distancing and refraining from contact for over 6 months. It’s time to break open the glitter and glue sticks to create Halloween fun.