Cyndi Lauper played psychic “Avalon Harmonia” in 5 episodes of the incredibly popular crime show Bones. The guest role allowed Ms. Lauper to share her passion: Tarot Cards. Lauper has read Tarot cards for decades, and she wants to use her hobby to help another passion: Helping LGBTQ youth who find themselves homeless.

In 2008, Cyndi Lauper co-founded True Colors United (https://truecolorsunited.org/), a non-profit organization aimed at helping LGBTQ youth who are homeless. “According to a recent study from Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago, LGBTQ young people are 120% more likely to experience homelessness than non-LGBTQ youth.” Their mission is to end LGBTQ youth homelessness. Please consider donating.

Prizeo.com is holding a raffle where one lucky winner will receive a Tarot reading from Ms. Lauper, 2 VIP tickets with a special Meet-and-Greet to one of her future concerts, and loads of merchandise. Raffle tickets with a minimum donation of $10 are entered into the drawing; however, people can purchase ticket bundles that include exclusive items. For instance, a $350 donation/entry comes with an autographed Rider-Waite Original Tarot Card Set. (Swoon) No matter the amount, True Colors United is a most worthy organization. Please consider entering, and if you win, let me know. I’ve entered and hoping many of my readers join in.

To enter: https://www.prizeo.com/campaigns/cyndi-lauper/tarot-cards?utm_term=701+Cyndi+%2F%2F+Int-cyndi&utm_campaign=701+Cyndi+%2F%2F+Int%2FLAL&utm_medium=paid_social&utm_content=701+Cyndi+%2F%2F+CL-rwrd-img05-tarot+%2F%2F+UEP+-+10158621887243908&utm_source=facebook