October kicked off with a bang on The Haunted Librarian Show. The new owner of the Haunted Old South Pittsburg Hospital (TN), Ronnie, updated listeners on the progress of cleaning up the favorite destination for paranormal investigation teams. He has a volunteer team totaling 35 people! That’s incredible. But Ronnie had more exciting news for listeners: In 2021, the venue will open a proper museum honoring the doctors, nurses, and staff who tended to the community over the years.

A rare opportunity fell into Ronnie’s lap when the hospital was sold in a tax sale. Ronnie, a paranormal investigator often visited OSPH and experienced some of the most compelling evidence of the location’s haunted reputation. After contemplation, Ronnie decided to purchase the dilapidated hospital but only if he was able to make it part of the Old South Pittsburg community. And he has.

Ronnie and his volunteer team have cleaned and rehabbed the 68,000 square foot facility. Further, he has met with historical society members in order to obtain the true stories of events and people rumored to be haunting the location. Some stories were not accurate; others were embellished. During this time, Ronnie and the staff have spent a lot of time in the building, and the spirits have noticed.

Anyone visiting OSPH prior to its 2018 closure would remember the condition of the building and the grounds. Basically, it wasn’t kept up. Remember, it is a large building. The owner may have lacked staff or funds. No matter the excuse, Ronnie has pledged to make the location safe, inside and outside. During the deep cleans and renovations, Ronnie and the staff have uncovered objects of historical significance to the rural community hospital. A parking lot token was unearthed; a bone saw discovered. While collecting these items and verifying them with the local historical society, Ronnie with the staff developed a plan: They would create a museum to display the items, while also telling the stories of the doctors, nurses, and staff who served the community.

Currently, the museum will be housed in the back of the hospital, where the Emergency Room Entrance is located. The initial plan consists of glass cases holding the items that the volunteers are finding, along with photographs and hospital plans. Next year, 2021, is the anticipated grand opening. In the meantime, book your tickets to the many public events already scheduled or book a private investigation. OSPH is back and open for business. Find out why it is considered one of the most haunted locations in America.