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Instrumental Trans-Communication, commonly known as ITC, is communication with non-living creatures. The communication can be one-way or two-way, where a person converses with the non-living entity. ITC is the bread-and-butter of TV paranormal shows. Further, there are lots of devises you can use to capture this communication. One of the most popular is the Frank’s Box, named after Frank Sumption, who died of a heart attack at the age of 60 in 2014. Even though Frank is credited with inventing the modern Ghost Box, he was not the first. Ghost Boxes have captured the imaginations of inventors and investigators for decades.

Spirit communication can be captured on audio or video. Typically, paranormal investigators incorporate both in an investigation setting up infrared cameras to capture movement and sounds and voice recorders. Many teams have added some form of a spirit box into their repertoire of tools.

Thomas Alva Edison (1847-1931) supposedly stated that he was working on a devise to communicate with spirits. Scientific American author Austin C. Lescarboura clarified Edison’s comments in the October 30, 1920 issue. Edison, much to the disappointment to the Spiritualists, was not working on a devise to communicate with the dead. In fact, he did not believe that it was possible.

In 1941, photographer Attila Von Szalay (dates unknown) recorded “phantom voices” on his 78-rpm records. Working with Raymond Bayless (1920-2004), Von Szalay published these findings in 1959.

Attila Von Szalay.

During the same year, Friedrich Jurgenson (1903-1987) captured mysterious voices while recording bird calls. Jurgenson claimed his dead mother was attempting to communicate with him.

Jump to 1980 and the supposed Spiricom, devised by George Meek and operated by psychic Bill O’Neil. Ultimately, these “communications” were possibly debunked by Dr. Terrance Peterson. The Spiricom didn’t come to full fruition and sits unused to this day.

Then came Frank Sumption, Sr. In 2002, Frank took a radio and altered it to scan the white noise on the AM band. Frank did not realize a financial boom by making his boxes. Instead, he gave them away. Today, the 180 boxes are highly sought after.

Frank Sumption, Sr.

After Frank’s untimely death, interest in ITC communication is as strong as ever. And there are legitimate researchers using spirit boxes and documenting their findings. Check out Tim Woolworth’s collaborative site ITC Voices, http://itcvoices.org/.

Frank’s work paved the way for others to build their version of a ghost box. Beware, there are some who overprice and sensationalize “communication” with the recently deceased. With that in mind, try one out. You may be surprised at the results.