Paranormal (2020-)

Netflix offer an original 6-episode horror series set in Cairo, Egypt. Paranormal (2020-) is based on the book series by Ahmed Khaled Tawfik and set in the 1960s. Dr. Refaat Ismail, an Egyptian hematologist, who lives by a set a laws based off of Murphy’s Law, loosely phrased “laws” of nature dating back to the 1940s. Dr. Refaat becomes the city’s “go-to guy for paranormal” activity. This low-budget series is deeply satisfying and addictive.

Netflix offers a dubbed version. Each episode features a different paranormal phenomena which links the entire season. The series works in a lot of historical references. Pay attention and try to catch them. Netflix has not announced a second season; however, this is standard for the streaming service which generally waits several weeks before making a decision. Tune in and expect to emerge several hours later.