Image on page 66.

In Spirit Reflections: Water Scrying Spirit Images (2020), Evidential Medium Philip R. Wyatt captures thought provoking images using a stainless-steel bowl or ordinary Mason jar. Containing 101 images, the book serves more as a coffee table art book. The images are incredible!

Water scrying, also called hydromancy, has been performed since Ancient Greek times. The technique of using water as a form of divination transcends cultures and religions. Even Nostradamus wrote of using it to predict the future. In Wyatt’s book, the images become compelling works of art.

Images are scrutinized for possible pareidolia, where the viewer assigns meaning to an image when there is no meaning. Photos shared by paranormal investigators are often criticized as being pareidolia, which is fair. Wyatt makes no assertion. Instead, he allows the viewer to interpret the images as he or she sees fit. He does, however, encourage the viewer to turn the book upside down and spin to view at different angles. I prefer to flip through the book and randomly select an image and view from all angles, as well, as close up.

My personal favorite is on page 66. (The images are untitled) I’m drawn to the colors. Looking at it, I see a female face with red lipstick wearing a blue with red flowers/embellishments and collar. The piece of clothing reminds me of a pajama top. The hair looks to be blonde and styled in an older hairstyle. I realize my mind is filling in gaps, and I am totally applying pareidolia to make sense of the image. However, isn’t that what we do when looking at fine art?

Wyatt provides instruction on how he took the pictures. Before beginning, Wyatt meditates and calls upon his spirit guides and higher beings. First, he gets a bowl and fills with tap water. He shines colored artificial light or uses sunlight onto the water. He videotapes his sessions, which last between 30-90 seconds. Then he swirls the water with his hand. He has begun experimenting with scrying with a glass jar filled ¾ with tap water. Afterwards, Wyatt views the footage, frame-by-frame.

This is Philip’s third book. He lectures online and in person with Ghost Education 101, which he co-founded during the pandemic. Find his books online, offered as ebooks and print at https://www.amazon.com/Philip-R-Wyatt/e/B081287K9P?ref=sr_ntt_srch_lnk_1&qid=1627265830&sr=8-1. If interested in purchasing prints of his images, contact Philip directly.