A 35-year-old Kenmore, NY woman and unidentified man were trespassing in the abandoned Buffalo Central Terminal Saturday evening when the woman fell 15-20 feet through a substation roof. Emergency responders arrived shortly after the 10:30 PM call and transported the female to Erie County Medical Center with non-life-threatening injuries. At this time, no charges have been filed. Of course, there is a lesson here: Don’t trespass.

The Buffalo train station was a 17-story Art Deco hub for the city. Opening on June 22, 1929, the 14-platform station was designed by New York architects Fellheimer & Wagner. At one point, the 61-acre property consisted of several buildings; however, smaller buildings were torn down in 1966 to save on property taxes. All that remains is the main building, baggage building, and mail complex. The Lake Shore Limited was the final train to leave the station on October 28, 1979, at 4:10 AM. After changing hands several times, the terminal is now owned by the Central Terminal Restoration Corporation, whose organizer purchased the property for $1 cash and repayment of $70,000 in back taxes. The non-profit is in the process of restoring the building.

Both Ghost Hunters and Ghost Hunters Academy conducted investigations that were televised (2008, 2009, and a live investigation in 2010). Unfortunately, these investigations inspire others, with less experience, no liability insurance, and no written permission to venture onto the private property. These explorations have generated a great deal of buzz online, especially when someone is injured.

These people clearly should not have been inside the terminal. It was dark. Power is generated via solar energy. The utilities are at a minimum. The property has been abandoned for a long time. Urban explorers, or UrbEx for short, explore abandoned urban areas; however, they go when it is safe. Although the intentions of this couple are unknown, they were conducting an investigation, something that takes time and equipment. They weren’t merely popping inside to snap a few pictures. Their conduct was reckless and dangerous. Thankfully, no one was seriously injured.