On July 22, 1680, Sir Andrew, 6th Baron of Earlshall, Bruce earned his nickname: Andrew “Bloody” Bruce. After killing Covenanter Richard Cameron, Andrew hacked off his hands and head. He then took the trophies to Richard’s father, who was imprisoned in Edinburgh. Andrew then hoisted the severed head and displayed it at various locations. Although Andrew died in 1696, his footsteps have been heard for centuries at Earlshall Castle. And now you have the opportunity to own the vast castle.

Sir William Bruce started construction on the castle in 1546. It would eventually have 10 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, 2 dressing rooms, 8 reception rooms, and a 50-foot dining hall. It is 8,385 square feet. The Bruce family line died out in 1708 when second son Robert died.

The Henderson of Fordell family purchased and held onto until 1824 when they sold it. The castle fell into disrepair until Robert Mackenzie purchased it in 1890. He hired architect Sir Robert Lorimer restored it, adding 3 cottages and modernizing the amenities. The castle has changed hands several more times, with the current owner purchasing it in 2019.

In addition to a possible ghost, the castle comes with gorgeous walled gardens. It is conveniently located the St. Andrews Link, where modern golf was invented, the largest golf complex in Europe.

The beautiful gardens.

The stories of “Bluidy Bruce,” as written, haunting Earlshall seem to be anecdotal. There aren’t any photographic evidence. He seems to be harmless and restless, merely walking a staircase at Earlshall. However, he may need the right property owner to help him communicate more.

The price is undisclosed, as the estate agency is accepting serious inquires. Well, that leaves me out.