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Norman Reedus Hunts Orville Peck in New Music Video

Orville Peck dropped Chapter 2 of his upcoming album Bronco, due to be released on April 8. The music video of “The Curse of the Blackened Eye” stars Norman Reedus as Peck’s ex-lover who stalks him—zombie-like—throughout the video. It’s a nice nod to Reedus and The Walking Dead (2010-2022).

Orville Peck is the pseudonym for the versatile 34-year-old singer/songwriter. Known for his bejeweled country attire and staunch stand on LGBTQA+ issues, Peck has morphed into a country music icon—one who encompasses the refreshing attitude of inclusivity in today’s country music.


The casting of Reedus, filmed wearing zombie make-up and wearing the stereotypical black clothing of a country villain, is brilliant. On The Walking Dead, Reedus plays “Daryl Dixon,” primary zombie hunter in the popular series. Here, he continues to stalk his prey. The irony is obvious and appreciated. Don’t worry. He does appear without make-up and more humanoid in flashback scenes.

Screen shot.

The song is a great addition to Peck’s repertoire. Peck’s voice and swagger reminds me of Johnny Cash, Elvis, and Chris. Peck’s star is on the rise!