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Logging onto my Twitter, @HauntedLib, I saw a story from February 2022 about a haunted pet shop in Coventry, England. The story includes 2 video clips of items falling from shelves and one clip about a battery-operated vacuum that wouldn’t turn off. The clips were too good not to comment on.

Purdy’s Pet Shop opened in January 2020. The shop is adorable. They “believe in a world where every pet, or garden animals should get the best that their owners can give them.” Staff reported strange events beginning two months later. Customers mentioned tugs on clothing, pets appeared apprehensive in the store. The store mascot, Purdy the Border Terrier, sits and stares at empty space.

Owner Rebecca Harrington called in Hideous History Walking Tours, which held a séance to ascertain who or what was haunting the establishment. (The séance was for charity.) The group claims it is a male entity, former tenant in the building, who is upset that there are people in his space.

Hideous History is Coventry’s oldest paranormal guided tours. They offer 6 public guided tours and private tours. Their website, https://hideoushistory.co.uk/, has links to several stories of tours with video evidence.

The two clips of items falling from shelves do not appear to be staged. In one clip, Harrington is assisting a customer when a bag of treats falls from a shelf behind her. It does not appear that the bag was teetering on the shelf.

In the second clip, a toy falls from atop a shelf that looks to be overly stuffed. This may have been caused by having too many items packed together. Further, the shop is on a busy street. Vibrations from trucks may have caused the items to shift. Again, this does not appear to be staged.

The vacuum, or hoover as the British call them, may be easier to explain. Batteries are temperamental. Sometimes battery-activated devices start on their own. I’ve been this in investigations. What would be more convincing would have been if the batteries were removed and the vacuum turned on.

The videos are compelling to conduct further research. Anecdotal evidence should be logged, as well. Additional investigations would help legitimize the haunting. I hope they press on.

View the video clips here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ub3wHFY2ePE.