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Spooky Living Room

Strange lighting makes the living room appear spooky.

My House Moans

Winter weather brings about new sounds from my house. It moans. Actually, only one side moans, but it moans nonetheless. These seasonal noises are remarkably loud. One would think my house is haunted. But it’s not. Drat!

However, Archer Paranormal Investigations (API) has conducted a few investigations where the clients think their house is haunted only to find that it isn’t. In the movie The Conjuring Ed and Lorraine Warren investigate a young couple’s attic and discover that the “ghost” was a creaky floorboard. This is sometimes the case. Good paranormal investigators check it out. Period.

Back in the Victorian Age, the prevalence of gas lamps in the streets created the “Haunted House Syndrome.” Excessive exposure to carbon monoxide (CO) caused people, entire families even, to claim their house was haunted. These people experienced hallucinations which they believed were caused by paranormal activity.

Today skeptics attempt to debunk haunted house sounds by claiming over-exposure to different chemicals. And this may be the case. However, that is a generalization. One of the easiest, and safest, ways to debunk strange noises in your house is to purchase a carbon monoxide detector. In fact, you should buy one for each floor. Carbon monoxide is known as the “Invisible Killer” since it is colorless and odorless. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, more than 150 in the United States die per year from accidental CO poisoning. Not only will it provide peace of mind, it may save your life.


Mini Haunted House

The only way my house is really haunted–Halloween decorations.