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Chip Coffey

Chip Coffey

Chip Coffey Is Not the Western Union for the Dead

The self-proclaimed “Southern, gay, Catholic, psychic,” Chip Coffey spoke before a lively audience at Scarefest 2014. His personal disclosure of the day: Aliens scare the shit out of him!

Coffey answered questions prior to his Gallery reading. At an early age, Chip could predict when and who was telephoning his house, describing himself as “an early form of caller ID.” He was in his early 40s when he discovered his mediumship abilities. Raised Catholic, Coffey loves the Catholic faith but not the Church stating, “Religion screws up so much.” He abides by two principles: 1) Do not intentionally harm yourself or others, including animals, and 2) Find what makes you happy. And Chip does. He is part comic, part medium. His stories are peppered with humor and swear words. Although he claims he drops the F-bomb most, he really prefers the word “bitch.” That’s how he rolls.

Chip helped redefined the paranormal. According to Chip, something is paranormal if 1) you don’t understand it, 2) you cannot explain it, and 3) you cannot deny it. Basically, if “the shit got real,” then it’s paranormal.

With a background in counseling, Chip considers himself a spiritual counselor, often providing life coaching in his readings. He believes in past lives. He does not do readings on himself or for people close to him. Although communication with animals is not his skill set, he does believe that animals have souls. He frequently auctions the scarf he wears at conferences with the proceeds going to an animal rights organization.

Chip controls the inter-dimensional communication by establishing parameters. He is not the Western Union for the dead. Chip unites people with the dead just on his terms.

Chip Coffey--Live Paranormal

Chip Coffey–Live Paranormal