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Ghost Stalkers

Ghost Stalkers

Chad’s the “Man” for Ghost Stalker Premiere

Scarefest 2014 attendees screened the pilot episode of Ghost Stalkers, starring Chad Lindberg and John E.L. Tenney. Produced by Ghost Adventurer’s Nick Groff, Ghost Stalkers follows Chad and John as they tool around in a Coachman RV and investigate six highly active haunted locations. The “Whispers Estate” was profiled in the first episode.

Built around 1894, the “Whispers Estate” was originally owned by Dr. George and Sarah White. They sold the 3-story Victorian house to Dr. John and Jessie Gibbons, who adopted orphaned children. One child was Rachael. At age 10, Rachael started a fire in the first-floor parlor. Badly burned, she died within a few days. Other family members died in the house. Paranormal investigators believe some are still attached and haunt the house.

The current owner, Vann, rents the house out for paranormal investigations. The caretaker, Gwen Zeigler, has a profound attachment to the property. Both believe that a vortex exists in the parlor.

The 30 minute preview consisted of Chad’s lockdown in the house. Both Chad and John spend a night at the location while the other monitors the cameras from inside the RV. Although neither stated how each episode concludes, I would image that there is some sort of evidence review incorporated into the show.

At this location, Chad experiences strange anomalies prior to his lockdown and during. He hears disembodied voices and footsteps. He even captures an EVP recording. At one point Chad begins to breakdown and to question his ability to complete the lockdown. Chad replays the digital voice recorder and hears “Chad…Be a man.” With that challenge, Chad finds his courage and proceeds.

Chad’s compromised emotional state is refreshing. His fear is real. Yes, I know he is a paid actor; however, his inability to control his voice and shaking hand earns my respect. When the “shit got real,” Chad reacted. [Note: See “Chip Coffey is not the Western Union of the Dead” for context.]

Equally real is the bat that appears out of nowhere. After filming, both inquired about the bat. According to Vann, no one has ever witnessed a bat in the house before. [Teaser: Seems a bat appears in all 6 episodes AND Chad’s favorite superhero is Batman. Interesting.]

Chad was respectful during his lockdown announcing, “I come out of love and respect.” I look forward to screening the entire episode. My early assessment is positive. I hope Chad and John break new ground. The 6 episode season highlights locations that have not been overexposed by other TV shows. This remains to be seen. Although John remained tightlipped, he did offer a teaser: former Maryland mental facility. Tune in, set your TiVo or DVR, or watch On Demand on October 19th at 10 pm EST for Ghost Stalkers, Destination America’s latest paranormal offering.