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Nick Groff

Nick Groff

Investigate with Nick Groff

Since leaving Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures, Nick Groff has diversified and started touring. Nick is the Executive Producer and Creator of Destination America’s freshman paranormal offering Ghost Stalkers. The series ended its 6 episode run in November. Still no word on whether the show was picked up for a second season. But Nick is not resting on his laurels. NickGroffTour.com debuted online almost simultaneously as Travel Channel announced his departure.

Two locations are currently scheduled. On February 8, 2015, Nick will be investigating at the infamous Bobby Mackey’s Music World, in Wilder, Kentucky. Ticket sales are brisk. The only remaining options are general admission for $30 or the VIP ticket for $325. The VIP package is truly a celebrity ghost hunting experience. There will be lots of face time with Nick, a full-fledged investigation, plus a bunch of photo opportunities. The general ticket gets you into the Q&A sessions and a photo. There’s a wide range on these prices, so carefully weigh your options.

The second investigation will be held at the Ashmore Estates in Illinois. More ticket options are still available for the April 11, 2015, investigation. View www.nickgrofftour.com for more information as more locations will be added.

Public group tours are popular. Fans yearn for personal investigative experiences with paranormal celebrities. Face time is paramount, and people will pay. Ask Amy Bruni who has also started her own touring company called Strange Escapes, www.strange-escapes.com.

Small group investigations differ from conference sessions. Attendees can see how a paranormal investigator reacts in the field. Numbers are low, so that fewer people can have full access. Evidence is not guaranteed. However, I would venture to guess that the ability to walk side by side, shoulder to shoulder with a celebrity ghost hunter far outweighs the occasional anomalies.

Only adults age 18+ are able to participate in the investigations. However, children may attend the Q&A sessions.

Locations for Nick’s events are more well-known and supposedly haunted. Advertising claims “iconic haunted locations in America.” Seems Nick is off to a good start. Once he gets closer to the Greater Atlanta area, I will venture out and join in on the craze.