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Ghost Stalkers

Ghost Stalkers

RIP Ghost Stalkers

Word on the street is that Ghost Stalkers will not be returning on Destination America. The show, starring John E.L. Tenney and Chad Lindberg, was divisive. The cancellation by non-renewal was not for lack of effort. John and Chad reached out to their fans and held live twitter sessions for every episode. Others involved with the production followed suit. Unfortunately it was not enough to persuade Discovery Communications, owners of Destination America, to pick up Season 2. While neither John nor Nick Groff, Executive Producer, responded to instant messages seeking confirmation, their silence may in fact answered the question.

While I enjoyed the show, I am aware that some people cringed at Chad’s zealous cries of fear. Looking beyond that, the show contained innovative equipment and technology designed to locate portals. John balanced out Chad’s excitability with insightful commentary. In addition, the locations were unique and not the same-old-same-old locations pervasive on other paranormal shows. I will miss Ghost Stalkers. Fingers crossed that one of Discovery Communications many other channels may be interested.