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A new Internet radio show debuted tonight, Monday, April 6th. The Midnight Society with Tim Weisberg, https://midnight.fm/, kicked off a new paranormal format show at 9 PM CST. The show runs weeknights, 9 PM-midnight. The Midnight Society with Tim Weisberg will be one show in a robust line-up on the brand-new station. More shows are forthcoming. The first episode was a huge success.

Tim Weisberg has carved out a niche in radio broadcasting. Beginning in 2006, Tim, along with co-host Matt Costa, started Spooky Southcoast, http://spookysouthcoast.com/. SSC can be heard on WBSM every Saturday night, 10 PM-midnight. They broadcast from New Bedford, Massachusetts. They also upload programs to YouTube.

Recently, Tim took over the helm for another radio program Midnight in the Desert. His relationship, along with his producer Michelle Freed, ended last week. The pair quickly formed a new network and began booking guests over the weekend.

Tonight’s show was a soft broadcast. The administrators anticipated technological issues; however, there were barely any. Tim was apologetic by reinforcing that the station would be tweaked. I didn’t notice anything that hindered my listening. In fact, the show sounded more professional than shows that have been online for years.

Moving forward, the station will be adding features to enhance the listening experience. Subscriptions will be available. In the meantime, all of the shows will be archived and available for free. Skype, chat rooms, merchandise are all planned.

Tune in tomorrow for Twin Peaks’ actor James Marshall, who played “James Hurley” in the iconic series, as he discusses some of his paranormal experiences.

The show’s tagline sums it up: Where it’s always midnight. Instead of staying up all night, catch this radio show in the evening hours. Hit up the various social media sites like Facebook midhnight.fm and Twitter @MidnightDotFM and @MNiteSociety. Check back for my updates.