2012 edition. Balzano and Weisberg are updating and expanding the second edition.

Calling all collectors of the macabre. Authors Christopher Balzano and Tim Weisberg are updating their best-selling non-fiction book, Haunted Objects: Stories of Ghosts on Your Shelf (2012). And they’re looking to expand the offerings by sharing stories of recently found antiques, family lore past down through the family, or an anecdote regarding a new item that you’ve noticed misbehaves.

These Spooky Southcoast radio broadcasters have been retelling stories of haunted objects since 2006. In 2012, they published their compilation of short vignettes and stories. Since then, they have new stories. However, they’re looking for more.

If you have a haunted object story to share, please contact Tim Weisberg at Tim@midnight.fm.

And just for fun, tell them The Haunted Librarian told you!