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Nick Groff Exits Ghost Adventures

Twitter exploded when the Travel Channel posted a “good-bye” tweet thanking Ghost Adventures (GAC) co-founder Nick Groff. Nick quickly sent out a follow-up tweet reaffirming the news that he had in fact left the insanely popular GAC show. As a true professional, Nick remained positive and respectful. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about the other co-founder Zak Bagans.

Change is inevitable. Change moves at light speed in the reality television realm. Every TV show has a natural lifespan. And they differ. But in the end, all TV shows end. Realizing this, a savvy TV celebrity recreates and rebrands himself to remain relevant. Madonna comes to mind. She’s a pro at it. Zak Bagans did it by developing Ghost Adventures: Aftershocks, where he profiles some of the GAC’s more exciting investigations. Now it’s Nick’s turn.

Nick’s brainchild is Ghost Stalkers (GS), starring John E.L. Tenney and Chad Lindberg. John, the seasoned researcher, and Chad, the para-newbie, travel the U.S. in a Coachmen RV and investigate low-media profiled locations. Paranormal inventor David Rountree creates new instruments to assist in the investigations. Investigations cover 2 days with each taking a turn locked inside. John and Chad are incredibly likeable and sincere. GS has breathed a breath of fresh air into the paranormal reality TV biz. Last week GS ended its freshman season consisting of 6 episodes. Fans await news of a second season. Hint, hint Destination America.

The paranormal community took to twitter for comments from all affected. The GS base posted highly favorable comments and kept it positive. The GAC side was silent. Crickets could be heard from the lack of interest from Mr. Baggans, who focused on himself and the new season starting in January. Pressed for any comment, Mr. Bagans said:

  1. many of you have been asking…Nick is no longer with Ghost Adventures. Right now Im focused on the new season premiering Jan 10th 2015
  2. I’d also like to make an announcement……
  3. I’m pleased to announce that season 10 returns January 10th with the most-anticipated episode ever… the BELL WITCH CAVE #GhostAdventures
  4. and not to mention the next episode after BELL WITCH CAVE is the SALLIE HOUSE …oh yes, get ready!!!!

Well, this was disappointing…not unexpected…but very disappointing. Similar to the supposed rift between Jason Hawes and Amy Bruni from Ghost Hunters, this intentional diss from Bagans is abysmal to the paranormal community. Viewers do not care about the contractual obligations of paranormal reality TV people. Dishing on dirty laundry, however, diminishes the hard work others, TV and non-TV people alike, put into the field.

In short: Man up, Zak, and thank your “friend” and wish him well. Acknowledge his leaving in a professional manner. Set an example to your fans who follow ALL of you.

Update: Approximately 4 hours after the announcement and 15 minutes after posting this article, Mr. Bagans posted: I do wish Nick the best w his future while I continue to deliver GAC fans what they want. #GhostAdventures.

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