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Entrance to Scarefest

Entrance to Scarefest

Scarefest Newbie

I’m a Scarefest newbie attending the annual Horror/Paranormal Convention in Lexington, Kentucky, September 12-14 for the first time. It is the largest horror and paranormal conference in the South. The venue was amazing and convenient.

The Platinum Package was well worth it. I saw Jake Busey and Corey Feldman before it all started.

Crowds were small on Friday. I browsed the 200+ vendor booths, chatted up my favorite paranormal people, and made the following observations:

  • Wes Forsythe is the hardest working radio broadcaster in the business. He’s also the most gracious and helpful.
  • Live Paranormal’s Rob Szarek is drumming up interviews and business to expand the paranormal radio market.
  • Dustin Pari really does believe in God. He walks the talk. He is Mr. Congeniality by being incredibly sweet and supportive.
  • Dustin Pari

    Dustin Pari

  • Amy Bruni and Adam Berry are the cutest non-couple coupled in the paranormal industry.
  • Amy Bruni

    Amy Bruni

    Adam Berry

    Adam Berry

  • Amy Allen is for real. I doubt her skeptics have ever heard her publically speak.
  • Amy Allan

    Amy Allan

  • John Zaffis is friendly at his booth, in his sessions, and at the elevators. Very professional and accessible. Visit him at his new museum. Worth the drive.
  • Chris Lindberg and John E.L. Tenney are enjoying the Ghost Stalker ride, Coachman RV and all. Good for them!
  • Ghost Stalkers

    Ghost Stalkers

  • The Booth Brothers had the best movie prop: an antique Victorian camera complete with a beautifully crafted base. Their new film Dead Still premieres on SyFy on October 6th at 9 pm EST.

I spent Saturday shuttling from one session to another. Thankfully, I held a Platinum Pass, allowing me to by-pass most long lines.

By Sunday I was exhausted. I was unable to attend every session. That’s why I’ll be back next year. For more information visit the Official Scarefest Website, www.Scarefestcon.com.